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Webinar - Dec 7th 2022 at 2pm ET/11AM PT

Beyond Sustainability Goals: How Microgrid Optimization Can Help You Achieve More

As companies – and countries – strive to reach carbon reduction goals, microgrids play an important role in integrating onsite renewable energy. But microgrids can bring your facility more than just sustainability. With proper controls and techniques, microgrids have the potential to provide energy savings, reliability, resiliency, and revenue generation.

Join GE expert Steven Halford for a live webinar and Q&A session on the microgrid optimization, part of our popular Tech Talk series to refresh your knowledge on key protection and control fundamentals.


In this Tech Talk, learn about:

  • Microgrid fundamentals: Get a quick refresher on microgrid outcomes, definitions and planning steps

  • How microgrid controllers work, including their control levels and functions, as well as their optimization functionality

  • Three typical scenarios you might need to optimize for – economics, peak reduction, and planned islanding - with tactics on how to use the microgrid controller to achieve these goals


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