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Who We Are

Founded in 1933 in El Paso, Texas, the Gorman Company was one of the first manufacturer’s representative firms in the Southwest dedicated to serving the Electrical Power Industry. Today, the headquarters are located in Phoenix, AZ. Our experienced sales team services the areas of Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso, and portions of the Texas Panhandle. 

What We Offer

The Gorman Company represents manufacturers of High Voltage Electrical and Specialty Equipment to the electrical utility industry. We understand the marketplace and its highly specialized needs better than anyone. That translates to sales. For years, we have been working in partnership with our manufacturers to create a successful sales channel. Knowing the customers like we do, our friendly, professional team of experts develop relationships that create repeat and loyal customers and increase sales.

Why Choose Gorman

Manufacturers of High Voltage Electrical Equipment hire us because we know the utility industry. As a result, they know we’re a direct line to help them increase sales. We know the market, the customers, and understand exactly what it takes to sell the products we represent to the electrical utility industry.


As the eyes and ears of our manufacturers, we provide vital information necessary to help them effectively position their products with customers. This is a primary reason manufacturers choose us to represent their products. This in turn, creates increased sales for our manufacturers and personalized service for our customers.


Customers select Gorman Company because they trust and can depend on us. They seek a manufacturer’s representative that has extensive product knowledge, guides them in selecting products, and works hard to handle their challenges and problems quickly and efficiently.


The Gorman Company has the ability to service every aspect of an electrical utility company

including Substation, Transmission, Distribution Standards, and Relaying & Metering. Our vast product knowledge and contacts allow us to stay in front of the decision makers and out in front

of our competitors.

About Us

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