Certifying the Competence of Your Installers Through TE’s Cable Accessories Installer Assessment 

Grid reliability is underpinned by flawless installation of high quality products for all parts of the network. Confirming the competence level of your team helps you to reduce the risk of incorrect installation. TE is committed to keeping the power on by providing reliable products, dependable installation training & assessment and service support

Join one of our free webinars to discover how you can improve your network reliability and long-term product performance thanks to high quality installations.


Attendees of this webinar will:

 •  Learn why correct installation matters 

 •  Understand cable accessory installer challenges

 •  Discover how TE’s certification system supports the successful

     installation of cable accessories through training & assessment 

You can't make it this time?

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About the presenter:

Ronan Kavanagh has been with TE Connectivity for 25+ years, with roles in Engineering, Product Management, Operations, General Management and Business Development. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from NUI, Galway.

He is currently using his experience to provide solutions to improve grid reliability for TE customers, with a focus in the area of product installation.