Virginia-Georgia Transformer invites you to attend these Technical Webinars focusing on transformer technology

Virginia Transformer Corporation was founded in 1971 and we are dedicating this 50th year in business to our customers. We think an important part of our company’s development is to share what we have learned on how to properly design, engineer and manufacture a transformer. We are in a constant pursuit to make the perfect transformer and are inviting all our customers to engage with us for an hour.

Please consider attending these Webinars:

The VT-GT Innovation Webinar is a presentation designed to update the market on new digital and innovative products:

Oct 28th - 29th

Power Transformer Field Failure Modes, Investigation and Prevention

Causes of transformer failures during operation in the field change from issues related to design, manufacturing processes, materials, installation errors and maintenance. This webinar will address each of these aspects, how they can relate to a field failure and how to prevent against each one. We will also review several field failure case studies.


Thursday, October 28 - 3:00 pm (EST) register at this link:

Friday, October 29 - noon (EST), register at this link: